Experimental base

A unique scientific and experimental basis for the studying and production of isotopes has been created in the National Science Laboratory after A.I. Alikhanyan (former Yerevan Physics Institute) for supplying radionuclides to medical centers of Yerevan.

Theoretical and experimental-technological studies have shown the real possibility of production of the 99mTc by irradiating molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) ) by a flux of bremsstrahlung photons from the electron linear accelerator LUE-50.

Modernization of the electron linear accelerator has increased the intensity and density of the beam, and the automated control system allows for accurate monitoring of the isotopes obtaining process.

Laboratory equipment, received by the department via the ISTC and CNCP grants, allows to perform the research and applied work on the world standard level.

Electron Linear Accelerator ELA-50

Experimental layout for irradiation of different target materials:

a) front view

b) rear view
1 – target cell remote handling system,
2 – target module,
3 – high aperture wire scanner

Xe target with manometer inserted in a target module for irradiation.

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New high-emission cathode allowed to raise more than twice intensity of beam of linear accelerator LUE-50:

The new cathode installed in the gun.

Electronic gun ready-assembled.

Computer system for controlling parameters of the accelerator and the experimental setup qualitatively improved the reliability of the system and the process of irradiation.

Detectors NaJ (Tl) model 3M3/3-X in the process of calibration.

Computer system for controlling beam parameters and the analysis of the emission spectra - DAQ, CAMAC-PC.

High intensity cooling system

1 – powerful air fan,
2 - air pipe

Target extraction system

Transportation "railway" for a mini-car

Moving of irradiated material from the mini-car to lead container

Target extraction procedures (animation)