Scintillators research group

Head of the Group -Mkrtich Mkrtchyan
    Main objectives and directions of activity:

  1. Development of a 3D image X-ray digital registration system:
    • development of thin film scintillators YAG:Ce and GGG:Ce;
    • development of large area image detectors with spatial resolution 50 um;
    • development of X-ray digital imaging systems.

2016, May 13.

"Radiation resistance examination of the scintillation crystals YAG:Ce and GGG:Ce".

The work is conducted on the accelerator AREAL of the Synchrotron Research Institute- CANDLE. Effects of radiation on scintillation characteristics of crystals are studied. 3.7 MeV electron beam is used in the experiments.

    The purpose of these studies is definition of suitability of:
  • YAG:Ce crystals for construction of calorimeters for high energy particle physics;
  • GGG:Ce crystals for construction of X-ray imaging detectors of high spatial resolution.