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Commission of the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the Use of Atomic Power for Peaceful Purposes


A Domestic Electron Ion Collider Would Unlock Scientific Mysteries of Atomic Nuclei, Maintain U.S. Leadership in Accelerator Science, New Report Says - The science questions that could be answered by an electron ion collider (EIC) – a very large-scale particle accelerator – are significant to advancing our understanding of the atomic nuclei that make up all visible matter in the universe, says a new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Beyond its impact on nuclear science, the advances made possible by an EIC could have far-reaching benefits to the nation's science- and technology-driven economy as well as to maintaining U.S. leadership in nuclear physics and in collider and accelerator technologies..

The Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW) is an international collaboration that publishes the proceedings of accelerator conferences held around the world.

2017 Medical Isotope Supply Review: 99Mo/99mTc
Market Demand and Production Capacity Projection 2017-2022
- This report was written by Mr Kevin Charlton of the NEA Division of Nuclear Development.

"The new proposal of Russia for world nuclear medicine" - a review of the current state of the markets for the production and consumption of molybdenum and technetium


Practical aspects of putting into operation and ensuring the quality of gamma-apparatus and linear electron accelerators

- The International Training Center (ITC) of the Association of Medical Physicists in Russia (AMPR) invites you to the course of advanced training of medical physicists, physicists-experts, engineers on the topic: "Practical aspects of putting into operation and ensuring the quality of gamma-apparatus and linear electron accelerators" which will be held on May 30 - June 3, 2017 on the clinical base of the Russian Cancer Research Center (RCRC) after N. N. Blokhin.

"Canadian group succeeds with cyclotron-produced Tc-99m"

"Producing Technetium | Major Clinical Breakthrough at the Centre de recherche du CHUS" - Cyclotron-production of Tc-99m can offset these needs. The process does not produce nuclear waste, making it a promising green technology. It is also less expensive compared to the investment required to build a nuclear reactor.

"The Russian company supplied to Armenia first isotope generator" - Enterprise "Isotope" in January 2015 put Armenia first generator of technetium-99m


"Ukraine unveils new nuclear research facility" - Ukraine's Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology has completed the construction of a nuclear research facility called Neutron Source that will be used to treat cancer.


"Update on Mo-99 Availability" - Currently the HFR reactor in The Netherlands is shut down due to an issue with one of the control rods. This shutdown may last for up to three months.

ISTC Armenian Branch Office - 15 Year Anniversary


The Scientific Advisory Committee of the International Science & Technology Center

is organizing the 16th Seminar


Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan,
22-23 October 2013