IAEA 18 November 2020 - 31 December 2025
IAEA Coordinate Research Project “F22073”
Contract 24306 - "Development of Gallium-68 Radioisotope at AANL (YerPhI) under C18 Proton Beam of Armenian Cyclotron"
Project Manager - Albert Avetisyan
A.Alikhanyan National Scientific Laboratory AANL received a grant from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) on the topic "Development of Gallium-68 Radioisotope at AANL (YerPhI) under C18 Proton Beam of Armenian Cyclotron", dedicated to the development of technology for obtaining the medical isotope Gallium68 at the Armenian cyclotron. The supervisor of grant is the head of Research and Production Department of AANL Doctor Albert Avetisyan . The grant amount is 15,000 Euro, the maximum term for the execution of works is 4 years. The grant was given taking into account the achievements and prospects of the department in the creation and development of technologies for accelerator based methods of obtaining of medical isotopes. The work began in December 2020, it is planned to complete them in 3 years. A similar grant was received by Avetisyan in 2013 on the development of technology for accelerating methods for obtaining Technetium-99m. The results of that research were published in the book "CYCLOTRON BASED PRODUCTION OF TECHNETIUM-99m" published by the IAEA.

01.05.2008 - 30.04.2012
"Development of medicine intended isotopes production methods on the basis of accelerator facility of Yerevan Physics Institute"
Project Manager - Albert Avetisyan
Collaborators - Dr.Thomas J.RUTH, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Hospital and Health Science Center

In 2009, within the framework of the ISTC A1444 project, an activity, devoted to creation and a further development of accelerator-based technologies of medicine-intended isotopes production, in particular Technetium99m and Iodin123, was initiated at the Alikhnayan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute). Work was carried out in the Isotopes Investigation and Production Department under the supervision of the department head and A1444 project manager Dr. Albert Avetisyan. For these studies, the experimental layout has been installed on the electron beam of linear accelerator LUE50.
For the extraction of Technetium99m from the irradiated target a centrifugal extractor was used, designed and produced by Alexander and Oleg Filyanins from Moscow. A semi-automatic system of Technetium99m extraction was assembled based on that extractor by coworkers of the "Medradiopreparat" enterprise (Moscow) Pavel Erilov and Alexander Zverev. In July 2012 the above-mentioned colleagues arrived in Yerevan, where they performed the installation and commissioning of the equipment, then the YerPhI staff made a full-scale irradiation of the target under the electron beam from LUE50 accelerator with electrons' energy of 40 MeV and a beam current of 10 micro amps. A full test of the equipment, the irradiation method and the Technetium99m extraction from the irradiated target has been performed.

    In video presented the following episodes were filmed:
  • insertion of the irradiating material into the target module under electron beam of LUE50 accelerator (Albert Avetisyan, Robert Mirzoyan, Vladislav Eganov, Alexander Matosyan, Vartan Marukyan, Jora Badeyan);
  • the process of accelerator beam tuning (Ashot Hakobyanm, Sergey Avagyan, Albert Babayan);
  • the process of the irradiated target spectrum measurement (Gohar Avdalyan, Rosa Avetisyan, Rubik Sargsyan, Ruben Dallakyan);
  • the process of evacuation of the irradiated target and its transportation inside the lead container into "hot room", where the processing of irradiated material takes place (Albert Avetiyan, Robert Mirzoyan, Alexander Matosyan, Vahan Elbakyan);
  • the adjustment of the extractor setup and the Tehnetium99m extraction from the irradiated molybdenum target (Alexander Filyanin, Pavell Erilov, Alexander Zverev, Vladislav Eganov, Ivetta Qerobyan, Svetlana Margaryan).

The project was successfully completed and the equipment made for Technetium99m extraction from the irradiated molybdenum target will be used soon in the production of Tehnetsium99m under proton beam from a C18 cyclotron.


01.04.2010 - 30.03.2012
Partnership project А-1785p "Production of Medical Isotopes Using Electron Accelerator Facilities"
Project Manager - Ivetta Keropyan